Thursday, October 07, 2004

We have a new contributor to our Blog, Peter Pototsky, a Democrat from Tucson. Peter posted his first item yesterday and while some may consider his comments controversial they are certainly food for thought and I look forward to reading his future inputs.

In Peter's posting he talks about Tim Bee (R) running unopposed for State Senate and wonders why we can't find a Democrat to run against him. I thought about this and thought, why don't I write my own name in on the ballot!! I convinced my wife to vote for me and Peter thought it was a good idea also, so that's 3 votes for me. Instead of voting for a Republican or not casting a vote for this position at all, why not write somebodies name in (may I suggest mine?) and vote for that person (me). Now I know 170 or so votes won't do it but surely this is better than casting a vote for a Republican.


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