Wednesday, October 06, 2004

We all know the importance of this coming election. Kerry MUST be elected. If he isn’t, then you can say goodbye to the rights our forefathers have fought and died for.

The Democratic Party has done a great job in getting out the word. I have received daily phone messages and even an offer for a ride to my polling place! However, on a local level I AM NOT IMPRESSED.

Sen. Tim Bee running unopposed! What kind of crap is this! You mean to say that we can’t find a single democrat to run for this office????

Or what about Evil Bacal running against Kolbe? Here’s a real winner. Former TUSD board member whose terms were marred by constant fighting and nothing getting done. We even had RIOTS in the schools, in part, due to the incompetence of the board. And now this trash wants to take on Kolbe??? It would have been worse if Graf had defeated Kolbe in the republican primary. Thank goodness for that!

Bacal is nothing more than a crony. Her husband (or former husband) is Martin Bacal, longtime fixture in the Pima Democratic Office. Her daughter, Suzie, is a Justice of the Peace for JP8. Judge Suzie was arrested for shoplifting at a local Fry’s store by an off duty Tucson Police Officer. The manager of the Fry’s store during her arrest tried to run for CD8, but Martin put the nix on that one….Oh, yeah great family values.

Give US someone to vote for!!!!!!


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