Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Administration and Tom Riggs of Homeland Security, think there is a strong possibility. What would it be like? What is the US planning, just in case? The following is a fictional speculation:
SPECIAL REPORT. Nov. 6, 2004
US citizens are still trying to piece together the details of two radioactive blasts (dirty bombs) , exploded about noon EST, election day, Nov. 2. Only a few minutes apart, they were both hidden in ocean-going shipping containers. One was in the Los Angeles area and the other in New York harbor.
Physical damage from the explosions, which were powered by conventional explosives, was not major, but panic engendered by the widespread dissemination of radioactivity in water, air and food was uncontrollable.The Mississippi Valley and Great Plains seem to have escaped major contamination at this time. Medications which can give some protection from radioactive sickness have been given to all Federal officials and Congress. Supplies are completely inadequate to demand.
Reports of rioting by citizens competing in queues at stores for the limited supplies of medicine, and sealed containers of food, water and medicine, were widespread.
Al Jazeera , Arab language TV, aired a taped message purported to be from Bin Ladin, taking credit and promising more to come. The CIA verified that it was Bin Latin’s voice.
President Bush , from his undisclosed location, has issued a proclamation, aborting the election. This was certified by five members of the Supreme court who could be located, three to two. The President vowed to "Stay the course" and reaffirmed his conviction that "We are winning the war against terrism".
Vice president Cheney , from his undisclosed location, gave some instructions to the terrorists which we cannot quote here.
Homeland Security Director, Tom Riggs, has raised the color code to a new level- blue- for events which have already occurred.
The Attorney General, from his own undisclosed location, has issued an official statement,( the veracity of which we are checking at this moment ), that appears to say that the Constitution and what remains of the Bill of Rights has been replaced by something called the New Revolutionary Order. We quote "Despite the fact that the Nation has endured under these documents for two hundred years, it is clear that THEY ARE NOT ADEQUATE TO PROVIDE FOR OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND TO PROTECT OUR SACRED LIBERTIES IN THESE NEW CRISES" .We will try to get more information on the New Revolutionary Order soon.
The future functioning of the Congress is a primary concern. Although information is sketchy, it appears that Congress has been dispersed into regional locations, and is trying to communicate by secure websites and e-mail, despite even doubts about the security of these measures.
From July through October, both houses were totally preoccupied with issues of morality, and an attempt to produce an acceptable definition of patriotism. So, there was no time to consider what was considered only a hypothetical issue of an election-day attack.
We are told that one task force is now working on a plan to counter any terrorist attack during an election. Paradoxically, there does not seem to be any plan to reschedule the national election.

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