Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I got the following off a blog I frequently visit:

"I Know How the World Works" This is just wacky. A member of Chalabi's INC was indicted by an Iraqi court for going to the "enemy state" of Israel.
-Atrios 3:15 PM"

I know we don't get many readers of this blog but if anybody who does read this, and understands it, could you please explain it to me because I don't get it!!!

In the comments section of the blog there is the following brilliant comment:

"So, are we in charge in Iraq?
Or are we not in charge?
I'm confused.....(no, really. I mean it. I'm confused. The rap on the "handover of sovereignty" is that it meant nothing. Obviously, it meant something. But what does it mean? That Iraq is free to go back to running things like Hussein was there, just without Hussein? Isn't that inevitable, given the current situation, the clear need for a 'strong man' to sort things out?And isn't Bush running as a 'strong man' who can sort things out? But he's not really in charge in Iraq, because we've turned it over to the Iraqis? Who are going to run things just like the last guy did, it appears? And that's okay, because we're better off without Hussein? Except no one in Iraq can tell the difference, except Hussein gave them water, sewage, electricity, and order? And that's what they want back?Who's the last guy who's gonna die for this mistake? And what mistake are they gonna die for?)"Robert M. Jeffers


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