Friday, October 29, 2004

Why anti-abortion voters might want to take another look

by Joshua Holland, Contributor 10.29.04

Sometimes in an election year if you peel the rhetoric away from the candidates' real-life policies, you can get some surprising results. Such is the case with abortion: if you are truly "pro-life," you should vote for Senator Kerry.

Full story here.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rap for Kerry.

Now you may not be a Rap fan but I've got to tell you that there is a video of Eminem (M&M) on the Internet that is causing quite a stir. If this doesn't get the young folks out to the polls next week, I don't know what will and I suspect they won't be voting for Bush.

Go watch and listen and make your grandkids think you're cool. Here's the link: http://boss.streamos.com/real/interscope/eminem/encore/video/mosh-rev/000_mosh-rev.ram


Monday, October 25, 2004

In his new book, Washington Crossing, historian David G. Fischer says :
" Humane treatment of prisoners was literally invented by George Washington on the battlefield in late 1776."
Washington had watched through a spyglass, when the British had slaughtered his captured troops, after the Battle of New York in November , 1776. This was military tradition; it was the right of field commanders to do so.
However ,in December when Washington’s troops had captured several hundred Hessian mercenaries, he resolved , to the Hessians gratified amazement, to treat them humanely, and imprison them in barracks.
In the more than two hundred years of our history, the rights of prisoners taken in battle have been firmly established in our military law and by treaties with other responsible nations. Our treaties become part of our body of law, with as much force as the Constitution. They are not ‘foreign documents’, someone else’s laws.
Why should the U.S.A. sign treaties to protect war prisoners and "foreigners"? Because nations have found that international agreements like these are the best way to protect our own soldiers in case of their capture. It did not work in the case of John McCain’s capture by the Vietcong, when they caged him for several years. They were not participants in those treaties. We saw their treatment of our soldiers as inhuman and barbaric.
Underlying these international treaties is another innovative American idea, taken from our Constitution, that …all men are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights, inalienable apparently meaning that not even George W. Bush has the right to take them away.
However, the President and his crew have presumed the right to do just that. What arrogance!
That includes, according to him, the right to take away that most sacred thing for Americans, born or naturalized, U.S.A. citizenship. Now they torture and lock up people in cages without trial, including American citizens, a thing we once thought only uncivilized brutes did. This is not easy to accomplish; it involves a series of lies and end runs on the Constitution, and flagrant breaking of laws he and his cronies pledged to uphold.
Fidel Castro is still laughing about their explanation that Guantanamo is sovereign territory of Cuba and therefore American law does not apply there.
Compare the two Georges: George Washington set humane precedents that were new in their time and now have become models for the rest of the world.
Our George W., the person who , when asked said , "I don’t have to explain; I’m the President " , not only presumes the right to erase two hundred years of democracy and liberty- his favorite words-, but even to decide whether you and I are human, and consequently qualify for rights for which the "bad people " envy us and therefore attack us.Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

G. Joseph Moody, 1321 N. Paseo Maravilloso, Green Valley, AZ 85614
(520) 648-0346 < gjmoody90@juno.com >
BIO; The author is a retired education and arts professor from the University of Northern Colorado. He is a WWII veteran from the Pacific theatre., He is currently first Vice-chair of the local Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area.


Tucson Citizen Withdrawal of Support for Evil

Our Opinion: Re-elect Rep. Jim Kolbe in CD 8 - again

Republican congressman Jim Kolbe faces a worthy challenger in Democrat Eva Bacal as he seeks his 11th term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Both candidates are intelligent, articulate and deeply committed to our nation.

Kolbe, however, provides much more depth and detail on how he would resolve state and national issues, from immigration to our faltering Social Security Administration.

His grasp on issues undoubtedly is bolstered by his two decades' experience representing Arizona's 8th Congressional District, encompassing Cochise County, much of Pima County and parts of Santa Cruz and Pinal counties, from Marana to the "three corners" of Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.

Kolbe serves on the House Appropriations Committee and as chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, so he oversees U.S. money sent overseas.

Bacal established a solid reputation during 12 years serving on the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board.

She is strongly opposed to the current administration's war in Iraq, lack of a cogent border policy, huge deficit and still-faltering economy. Also, as a mother of five and a former school board member, she is deeply concerned about education and what she sees as a move to privatize Social Security, health care and schools.

Kolbe's top three issues are trade ("I'm a big believer in trade"), pushing for a solution to the dwindling Social Security fund with some privatization for young workers, and immigration, for which he drafted legislation with fellow Arizona Republicans Sen. John McCain and Rep. Jeff Flake.

Kolbe has solid ideas for reducing illegal immigration with his guest worker bill as the logical first step. Bacal is critical of Kolbe's plan because it was drawn up by Republicans. But she has few solid immigration proposals of her own.

Kolbe highlights the chief difference between himself and Bacal when he says: "I think the president was right in going to Iraq."

Kolbe admits he has been "highly critical" of the administration's reconstruction efforts in Iraq. But now that the State Department again is in charge of that work, he approved a supplemental $19.3 billion for the effort Oct. 3.

Also in the race is Libertarian Robert Anderson of Tonopah. He did not respond to contacts by the Citizen editorial board.

The Tucson Citizen endorses Republican Jim Kolbe for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.


Friday, October 22, 2004

An Iraqi point of view:

Here and Here


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Who is better at managing the economy, the Democrats or Republicans? Enquiring mind want to know. To find out, click on the links below.






Wednesday, October 20, 2004

John Kerry, forgotten stories about the man who will be our next President.

Americans are notorious for their short attention span and 'W' in the third debate said that Kerry's rhetoric does not match is record in the Senate! Well, here are some the accomplishments of John Kerry, just to refresh our memories.


here and here

These are just a few many articles on John Kerry's efforts to defeat terrorism. Want to read more? 'Google' using bcci and john kerry.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

John Kerry can loose this election!

Ever since last Wednesday's third and final Presidential debate, which John Kerry clearly won, I've been watching the tracking polls and for the most part I see a bounce for George Bush. Why? Because John Kerry, during the third debate, made a comment about the sexual orientation of Dick Cheney's daughter Mary. Not a single day has passed since that event that the media and their talking heads have not spoken about their indignation over Kerry's remarks.

It will be a sad day for America if Kerry should loose the election because of his comment but I can see it happening and I'm disgusted. We have more important things to worry about than this.


Will there be a Military Draft?

According to George Bush, there will be NO draft. Should we believe him? Hear what Tim Ryan (D) Ohio has to say about whether or not 'W' can be believed. Here's what I think, as though anybody cares!

George Bush, if he is elected for a second term, can do anything he likes. He can't run for a third term so he has a blank check to do anything, promised or otherwise, that he thinks is in the interest of the right wing (read Corporate interests). This also includes the possibility of appointing four Supreme Court Justices and the implications that that act alone implies.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Administration and Tom Riggs of Homeland Security, think there is a strong possibility. What would it be like? What is the US planning, just in case? The following is a fictional speculation:
SPECIAL REPORT. Nov. 6, 2004
US citizens are still trying to piece together the details of two radioactive blasts (dirty bombs) , exploded about noon EST, election day, Nov. 2. Only a few minutes apart, they were both hidden in ocean-going shipping containers. One was in the Los Angeles area and the other in New York harbor.
Physical damage from the explosions, which were powered by conventional explosives, was not major, but panic engendered by the widespread dissemination of radioactivity in water, air and food was uncontrollable.The Mississippi Valley and Great Plains seem to have escaped major contamination at this time. Medications which can give some protection from radioactive sickness have been given to all Federal officials and Congress. Supplies are completely inadequate to demand.
Reports of rioting by citizens competing in queues at stores for the limited supplies of medicine, and sealed containers of food, water and medicine, were widespread.
Al Jazeera , Arab language TV, aired a taped message purported to be from Bin Ladin, taking credit and promising more to come. The CIA verified that it was Bin Latin’s voice.
President Bush , from his undisclosed location, has issued a proclamation, aborting the election. This was certified by five members of the Supreme court who could be located, three to two. The President vowed to "Stay the course" and reaffirmed his conviction that "We are winning the war against terrism".
Vice president Cheney , from his undisclosed location, gave some instructions to the terrorists which we cannot quote here.
Homeland Security Director, Tom Riggs, has raised the color code to a new level- blue- for events which have already occurred.
The Attorney General, from his own undisclosed location, has issued an official statement,( the veracity of which we are checking at this moment ), that appears to say that the Constitution and what remains of the Bill of Rights has been replaced by something called the New Revolutionary Order. We quote "Despite the fact that the Nation has endured under these documents for two hundred years, it is clear that THEY ARE NOT ADEQUATE TO PROVIDE FOR OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND TO PROTECT OUR SACRED LIBERTIES IN THESE NEW CRISES" .We will try to get more information on the New Revolutionary Order soon.
The future functioning of the Congress is a primary concern. Although information is sketchy, it appears that Congress has been dispersed into regional locations, and is trying to communicate by secure websites and e-mail, despite even doubts about the security of these measures.
From July through October, both houses were totally preoccupied with issues of morality, and an attempt to produce an acceptable definition of patriotism. So, there was no time to consider what was considered only a hypothetical issue of an election-day attack.
We are told that one task force is now working on a plan to counter any terrorist attack during an election. Paradoxically, there does not seem to be any plan to reschedule the national election.

Old Joe


Friday, October 15, 2004

According to W, John Kerry is on the left bank of mainstream politics in America!

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney as a member of Congress from Wyoming voted to raise taxes 144 times. If 98 tax-hike votes make Kerry a far-out liberal, than Cheney would have to be placed somewhere in the ideological vicinity of Che Guevara.



1963 articles
Michael D. Douglas, 17-year old Lee high School senior, was killed almost instantly Wednesday night when the automobile in which he was riding alone collided with another vehicle at the intersection of State Highway 349 and Farm Road 868.
The youth, described as one of the most popular students in his high school, was declared dead on arrival at Midland Memorial Hospital shortly after 8 p.m. Police said death was attributed to a broken neck...
The driver of the second car was identified as Laura Lane Welch, 17, of 2500 Humble Street, who suffered minor injuries along with a passenger in her car, Judy Dykes, 17, of 2409 Neely Street.
Both girls were released after treatment at Midland Memorial Hospital


Thursday, October 14, 2004

From last nights debate:

Bush's No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is an underfunded mandate and the panacea for America's woes! At least that is what I got from the Tempest in Tempe debate.

If you are unemployed, you are stupid. If your job has been sent overseas, you are stupid. If you can't a decent high paying job, you need to be educated etc.

Kerry won all three debates, anybody disagree?


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt

President Bush's special envoy, James Baker, who has been trying to persuade the world to forgive Iraq's crushing debts, is simultaneously working for a commercial concern that is trying to recover money from Iraq, according to confidential documents.

Mr Baker's Carlyle Group is in a consortium secretly proposing to try to collect $27bn (£15bn) on behalf of Kuwait, one of Iraq's biggest creditors, by using high-level political influence. It claims Mr Baker will not benefit personally, but the consortium could make millions in fees, retainers and commission as a result.



Moscow children to wear dog tags
Moscow schoolchildren will soon have to wear military-style dog tags and carry special "passports" as part of a security drive in the wake of Beslan.
The Russian capital is also beefing up protection of its schools against intruders to prevent any terror attacks like the Beslan mass hostage-taking.
"Before the New Year most schools will have these passports," a senior Moscow city official told BBC News Online.
Yuri Popov said the metal dog tags were already being mass-produced.
Vital information
More than 330 schoolchildren, teachers and parents died when the hostage-taking in the North Ossetian town of Beslan ended in a bloodbath.
Dozens of victims remain unidentified more than a month after the tragedy.
Mr Popov, head of the Moscow city assembly's security and legislation committee, said children would wear the dog tags round their necks and carry the passports in their pockets, which would bear their fingerprints and other personal data.
The passport will give the child's name, address, telephone number, blood group and details of any allergies to medicines, he said.
It will also include advice on how to act in the event of an emergency, such as a terrorist attack.
"These measures can be introduced under the city's programme for civil defence," Mr Popov said.
"We asked teachers, school governors, and they conducted surveys. Most were in favour," he said.
The city authorities have been working on ways to improve school security since November, he added.
Extra security
The city authorities want to make sure that the private security firms guarding school premises carry out proper training, Mr Popov said.
Guards will not be armed - their role will be to alert police if they spot something suspicious, he said.
New legislation is required "to clearly define the status of school premises - who is allowed in, who is not," he explained.
Moscow has about 1,500 schools and 3,000 kindergartens.
Russian lawmakers are currently reviewing all of the country's anti-terror laws, Mr Popov said.
Installing alarm systems in all Moscow schools will cost about 200m rubles ($7m) and erecting security fences around the buildings will cost another 600m rubles ($20.5m), he said.
Story from BBC NEWS:http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/europe/3734062.stmPublished: 2004/10/11 16:40:13 GMT© BBC MMIV




A Devilish Plan from the Guardian

My fellow non-Americans ...

The result of the US election will affect the lives of millions around the world but those of us outside the 50 states have had no say in it - until now. In a unique experiment, G2 has assembled a democratic toolkit to enable people from Basildon to Botswana to campaign in the presidential race. And with a little help from the folks in Clark County, Ohio, you might help decide who takes up residence in the White House next month. Oliver Burkeman explains how


NEW! The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul
by Bob Johnson
Wed Oct 13th, 2004 at 07:28:21 GMT

Searching for information on the voter registration fraud stories breaking tonight in Nevada and Oregon, I kept coming across the same name: Nathan Sproul of Sproul & Associates in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nathan Sproul is the former head of the Arizona Republican Party and of the Arizona Christian Coalition (ah, the irony... a Christian).

Sproul is connected with the Republican National Committee-funded voter registration organization, Voter Outreach, Inc., a group that used paid registrars to register voters in a number of states including Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and perhaps more, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine and Missouri. (Others states pending, particularly swing states.) Sproul's organization also recruited registrars by fraudulently telling recruits that they would be working for America Votes, a legitimate nonpartisan GOTV operation!

But Nathan Sproul may have made one fatal mistake in his efforts... He got greedy. Yes, he failed to pay many workers and he didn't pay his rent. He pissed some people off. And he raised suspicions. There is a good chance that this may be fraud on a MASSIVE scale...



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

An e-mail from Oregon:

Bush is coming to Medford, Oregon Thursday. John Edwards is here Wednesday morning.
Edwards' visit is already sold out. There are tickets available for Bush, even though his visit was planned in advance. This is in republican-leaning rural southern Oregon.
I tried to get tickets to both events. Edwards was sold out, but I could still get them for Bush, provided I:
1. was a registered republican
2 wrote an essay about why he should be president
3. promise to support him

Write an essay! They must be joking!!


Saturday, October 09, 2004

On the issue of taxes:-

This president is willing to ask the working people of this country to sacrifice their sons and daughters for this war, but he is not willing to ask the wealthy of this country to sacrifice a fraction of their income in order to pay for this war. This shows more than anything else where this President's priorities lie.


Friday, October 08, 2004

I have watched all the debates so far. I am just amazed at how anyone could get on nationwide TV and actually believe that Bush won. It is simply incredible!

The first debate was a clear marginal WIN for Kerry. Bush was absent. He didn’t do his homework, he was like a “deer in the headlights.” In the Edwards-Cheney debate, I was looking for a smash’em knock’em down beating! It didn’t occur! It did show me that Cheney is a very intelligent person, contrary to Bush. I believe that debate had no clear “winner” but Edwards portrayed himself equally intelligent.

This debate showed the same old repetitive Kerry. Oh, yeah, Bush did do a lot better. Reminded me of that old show, Mr. Cotter where Horshack kept raising his hand saying “Oooh Oooh, I know that answer!” (Bush)

But here too the spin doctors say Bush “clearly” won. It is still incredible! There were NO winners. Then I recalled one answer regarding the partial birth abortion bill. Kerry clearly said he didn’t vote for it because it didn’t have a clause to safeguard the life of the mother. Then Bush, smirked and laughed….”either your for it or against it!” Bush simply didn’t hear the answer. What an idiot, do you have to spell it out? “life of the mother, M-O-T-H-E-R!”

And then the answer came to me. Kerry said what I agreed with. Bush said (many) things that I didn’t agree with. And that folks is why Kerry performed better. I AGREE WITH HIM.

(Well, most of the time…Frankly, I could care less if Suzie Rottencrotch gets an abortion. It is simply NONE of my business.)


60 reasons not to vote for Bush:

Something for everybody in the link above. Go read.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Excuse us for airing our dirty laundry in public Posted by Hello


I don't know if you watch Charlie Rose on PBS, he's on channel 6 every day at 1:00pm. A couple of days ago he had on a guest called Graydon Carter who is an editor with Vanity Fair magazine. Mr Carter has just written a book "What we've lost". During his interview with Charlie Rose he made the following comment:- The Bush Administration, when they have had to make a decision that would either benefit the American people or his corporate sponsors, in nearly every case they have come down on the side of the corporate interests.

A damming statement indeed. Such decisions contrary to the interests on the American people affects us all, Republican, Democrat, black, white and everything in between. How then can regular Americans support George Bush? Enquiring minds want to know.


A few days ago, I published on our web site, www.gvdemocrats.org, a link to a Harpers magazine acticle about Iraq, Iraq unknown - what you won't hear on the TV news.... and the involement of Paul Bremer. I hope you have had the chance to read this informative story. As an addendum to that story there is an interesting piece in the blog of Kevin Drum, www.washingtonmonthly.com it's titled: CHALABI YET AGAIN go read.


We have a new contributor to our Blog, Peter Pototsky, a Democrat from Tucson. Peter posted his first item yesterday and while some may consider his comments controversial they are certainly food for thought and I look forward to reading his future inputs.

In Peter's posting he talks about Tim Bee (R) running unopposed for State Senate and wonders why we can't find a Democrat to run against him. I thought about this and thought, why don't I write my own name in on the ballot!! I convinced my wife to vote for me and Peter thought it was a good idea also, so that's 3 votes for me. Instead of voting for a Republican or not casting a vote for this position at all, why not write somebodies name in (may I suggest mine?) and vote for that person (me). Now I know 170 or so votes won't do it but surely this is better than casting a vote for a Republican.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004



We all know the importance of this coming election. Kerry MUST be elected. If he isn’t, then you can say goodbye to the rights our forefathers have fought and died for.

The Democratic Party has done a great job in getting out the word. I have received daily phone messages and even an offer for a ride to my polling place! However, on a local level I AM NOT IMPRESSED.

Sen. Tim Bee running unopposed! What kind of crap is this! You mean to say that we can’t find a single democrat to run for this office????

Or what about Evil Bacal running against Kolbe? Here’s a real winner. Former TUSD board member whose terms were marred by constant fighting and nothing getting done. We even had RIOTS in the schools, in part, due to the incompetence of the board. And now this trash wants to take on Kolbe??? It would have been worse if Graf had defeated Kolbe in the republican primary. Thank goodness for that!

Bacal is nothing more than a crony. Her husband (or former husband) is Martin Bacal, longtime fixture in the Pima Democratic Office. Her daughter, Suzie, is a Justice of the Peace for JP8. Judge Suzie was arrested for shoplifting at a local Fry’s store by an off duty Tucson Police Officer. The manager of the Fry’s store during her arrest tried to run for CD8, but Martin put the nix on that one….Oh, yeah great family values.

Give US someone to vote for!!!!!!


I got the following off a blog I frequently visit:

"I Know How the World Works" This is just wacky. A member of Chalabi's INC was indicted by an Iraqi court for going to the "enemy state" of Israel.
-Atrios 3:15 PM"

I know we don't get many readers of this blog but if anybody who does read this, and understands it, could you please explain it to me because I don't get it!!!

In the comments section of the blog there is the following brilliant comment:

"So, are we in charge in Iraq?
Or are we not in charge?
I'm confused.....(no, really. I mean it. I'm confused. The rap on the "handover of sovereignty" is that it meant nothing. Obviously, it meant something. But what does it mean? That Iraq is free to go back to running things like Hussein was there, just without Hussein? Isn't that inevitable, given the current situation, the clear need for a 'strong man' to sort things out?And isn't Bush running as a 'strong man' who can sort things out? But he's not really in charge in Iraq, because we've turned it over to the Iraqis? Who are going to run things just like the last guy did, it appears? And that's okay, because we're better off without Hussein? Except no one in Iraq can tell the difference, except Hussein gave them water, sewage, electricity, and order? And that's what they want back?Who's the last guy who's gonna die for this mistake? And what mistake are they gonna die for?)"Robert M. Jeffers


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