Friday, September 24, 2004

Some examples. In the beginning of his administration, Mr.Bush felt that nothing was so repulsive as nation-building. So what has happened? For months he has been involved in not just one nation-building project but two- Afghanistan and Iraq .That’s the way to go, Prez.
In 2001, he thought up this fabulous new foreign policy idea of pre-emption (get them before they get us). I’m not talking about Afghanistan. Most Americans agree that he had a good reason for attacking the Taliban there. But, as Donald Rumsfeld has reportedly said, there aren't enough good places to bomb there, so he (and some buddies) went for Iraq, which had lots of good places. By now, we know that Paul Wolfewitz, Vice President Cheney, and Richard Pearl, among others, had a bunch of reasons all ready for that invasion. They wanted it so much they could taste it. That invasion went so well the President apparently was looking for another member of his Axis of Evil to bomb. It looked like he would go for North Korea, a worthy opponent with a large, fanatical army a few nuclear bombs. That put some 40,000 of our troops in danger as well as Japan and South Korea. At this point, some cooler non-Texan heads around the White house were thinking about that famous motto "results matter" and decided the results might not be so good. It appears they convinced him that pre-emption was NOT always the best policy. Thank God, he flipped . Asia, and all of us, narrowly missed a war with real (not imaginary ) nukes..
We could go on and on listing situations in which he flipped or flopped - whichever way you want it, and the good old U.S.A. is lucky he did. Maybe it was increasing maturity; maybe Karl Rove had a calming influence. After all, Karl is very aware of things called elections.
Being a lucky Texas entrepreneur (specially in baseball, oil, and choice of a daddy with friends ) it was only natural in those old days of 2001 that he should try to "go it alone ". In the beginning of his Administration it was "me against the world", Old Europe- those quiche-eating French, the Germans, and even the Russians who had made some civilized moves in recent years. The UN was not to be relied on nor trusted in any case. By spring of 2004, the President was practically begging Kofi Annon and the UN to bring in some more troops to replace those from the Alliance of the Willing who were pulling out. That required a complete 360 degree flop. I’m glad he did it, and besides, IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.
Inside that mysterious presidential brain there are two Georges. There's a "stay the course what the hell" one, with the lemming–like determination. Then there's another George, who can occasionally be swayed by common sense. That second George has to pretend all the while that nothing has really changed and that the stern-jawed resolute George is still in charge.
I’m glad he flops. What would we do if he never flopped?
G. Joseph Moody

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