Saturday, September 04, 2004

More on healthcare and Medicare:

I am wondering how the news of the largest increase in Medicare contributions in the history of the program will affect the way registered Republican voters in Green Valley will actually vote on November 2nd! Many of us in this community are going to be affected by this increase. After all, our contribution comes right out of our Social Security checks and we all know that the annual increases in Social Security are nowhere near 17%.

On top of the Medicare costs/increases, my former employer has consistently increased my premiums for the supplemental insurance they provide. Last year that increase was in the order of 40% and the year before it was 20%. I am now paying almost as much for healthcare insurance as I am for my mortgage. It cannot continue this way, something has to be done about the cost of healthcare.

Having said that, I've never understood why we expect our employer/former employer to pay for our health insurance, (being a bit of a conservative for a moment) surely that is our responsibility. Now, what's wrong with a 'National Health Care' program? The United States is the only industrial county I know that doesn't care for it's citizens health care needs. Oh, I've heard all the rhetoric why Americans fear such a plan but I've lived in the U.K. and Canada where, for the most part, such programs work very well and if you have money in either of those 2 countries, you can still get "preferential" treatment which is no different from the way things work here.


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