Sunday, August 15, 2004

This input is from June Wortman and posted in the Blog because there is no room currently on our web site to put it!

People are asking me for information about the candidates in time tovote early by absentee ballot.Everyone is encouraged to reqest an absentee ballot. A form forrequesting anearly ballot is in the Clean Elections book that all registered votersreceived. Early ballot voting ensures that your vote will be counted, inview of the questionable trustability of voting machines. Last day torequest an early ballot is August 27.The Primary Election is Septemer 7.All voters received the Ciizens CLean Election Commission 2004 StatewideandLegislative Candidate Statements are in there.Your Voter Registration Card lists your voting districts and yourprecinct. In Green Valley your legislative district is 30 and thedistrict or federal candidates is Ditrict 8.As listed in the Clean Elections Book:The Candidates are running for:The AZ Senate -pg. 50 - District 30The AZ Legislature - pg. 125- District 30Listed on yourbsentee ballot are:The Corporation Commission (important)The US Senate -District 8The US House of Representatives - District 8 The US presidency andvice-presidency.There are other local candidates listed on your absentee ballot. If Idon't really know them I vote Demcratic.For AZ Senate in our District 30 there is only one candidate: Tim Bee.He is Republican. No Democrat is running aganst him. I think it is verypoor stratedgy to let some one run unopposed. People Should have achoice. So forget him. He is in the final election, not the Primary.And he doesn't need your vote.For AZ Legislature (House of Rep.) in District 30 there are threeRepulicans and one Democrate running. The Democrat is Esther Sharif. Getinfo about her on page 125 in your Clean Election Book, or go to her website at www.Electsharifdist.3o@cox.net. Watch the AZ Sun for info abouther.Please vote for her and not for any of the others running against her,even if you can vote for more than one. Voting for another candidate aswell, dilutes the strength of your vote for her as the top twovotegetters will win.In the Primary, District 8, for the Senate three Dems are vying to bethe one chosen to run against either Kolbe or Graf in the Nov. 2Election. They are:JeffChimene, Eva Bacal and Tim Sultan.Today's AZ Sun has an excellent write-up on them in today's paper, pageA 10. If you don't get the paper you can get the article on in theLibrary or on internet: www,AZStarnet.com/vote_2004Here is my personal opinion on the three Democratic Candidates forwhatever it is worth to you. It is really important for you to hear themyourself. Stop by the Democratic Headquarters at Continental Plaza,Continental Mall, just north of the hardwarestore and pick up theirpamphlets. Also see your friends there and socialize and have fun.Re: Jeff Chimene - He is my preference. He was a Kucinich Democrat.Lately he has been in Boston working to bring the Dean People and theKucinich People together in a Progressive Caucus that will continuepost-election. His issues are my issues: Social justice, human rights,labor rights, economic rights, health care for ALL , education andprotecting the environment. I like the fact that he is a new entrantinto politics, not beholden to big money or the Dem. establishment. Weneed new blood in the party and fresh ideas. He expresses himself welland listens well.While I probably would not be upset at whichever of the three getschosen to run Nov. 2 vs. Kolbe/Graf, here are reasons why I do not favorthe other two.Eva Bacal would be good. However, she is the wife of Martin Bacal, DemParty head in Tucson. I have nothing vs. Martin Bacal except that he ispart of the entrenched "Dem establishment" and so is she. I prefer tobring in new people.Tim Sultan is certainly an attractive canidate. Young, handsome, smart,verbal and energetic, his background of studies and work with NancyPelosi is impressive. However, he tends to talk more in generalities andemtional exhortations. While he is a new face, he has raised more moneythan the other two, and that to me implies establisment and money arebehind him. Who is providing all his money? I also do not appreciatethat Paul Eckerstrom, on Arizona Illustrated, cited him as the probablewinner because of all the money he raised, and totally left out the nameof Jeff Chimene as a candidate. Despite all of Paul's apologies,Freudian slips are meaningful and not to be ignored. To me this impliesthat Tim has the backing of money and the party powers, and that theassumption is being made that voters will vote for the candidate thathas the most money. I don't like haveing the voters be sounderestimated. It also appears that the party stalwarts do not wantJeff Chimene and really want him out of the picture. The rebel in megets really aroused over all this.Eva Bacal can be reached by the internet at www.Evabacalforcongress.com.Tim Sultan can be reachd at www.timsultanforcongress.com Jeff Chimene isat www.chimeneforcongress2004.org They will all have literature atDemocratic Headquarters. Do try to hear them yourself and make your ownjudgements. The Democratic Club and the Democraic Women in Action havemade every effort to bring them here. So attend their meetings at theLibrary.As for the November Election - be sure and vote on November 2. Talk toyour neighbors who are not Democrats. The Independents and the ModerateRepublicans are the crucial voters in this election. May the best menwin: John Kerry and John Edwards.Please save this for yourselves. In another message I will haveinfomation about the Corporation Commission, which has wide influenceover many aspects of your life, and needs more explanation.Thanks for your interest. June Wortman648-5877


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