Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This from dKos

President George W. Bush holds a decreasing and surprisingly narrow five-point lead over Democrat John Kerry in predominately Republican Maricopa County [...] What is more, since Maricopa County accounts for close to 60 percent of the vote in Arizona, the Bush lead appears to have narrowed to such a degree that the election could be determined in the outlying counties and, particularly in Pima County, which has traditionally favored Democratic candidates.
Among voters most likely to go to the polls in any election, Mr. Bush has a wider eleven-point lead, but with a strong voter turnout expected in this year's hotly-contested presidential election, the narrower lead is probably the more realistic projection to watch.

Bush 46 (48)
Kerry 41 (36)

I'll take it. Republicans outnumber Dems in the county 4-3.


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