Monday, August 30, 2004

John Kerry was never my first choice (or second for that matter), to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States but being a ABB kind of guy, I figured that I would just have to hold my nose on election day and put my mark again Kerry's name. That was until I read this in the Wa Post:

"Knowing then what he knows today about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Kerry still would have voted to authorize the war and "in all probability" would have launched a military attack to oust Hussein by now if he were president, Kerry national security adviser Jamie Rubin said in an interview Saturday. As recently as Friday, the Massachusetts senator had said he only "might" have still gone to war."

This really bothers me and I'm even contemplating staying home on election day. I don't want another four years of Bush but trading sh-one-t for manure is not my idea of a clear choice. If there is a blank line on the ballot for writing-in your own candidate, maybe I'll write in my own name, at least I know where I stand on many of the issues that I disagree with Bush on.


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