Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What's wrong with being a Liberal?

John squared are being accused of being Liberals! I don't have a problem with that and I don't understand why most Republicans and some Democrats shy away from the Liberal label, I'm proud to be a Liberal so what's wrong with that?

But, just to set the record straight, here is some data on the 2 Johns that shows that they are not Liberal enough in my book:

Below are the rankings for the last five years:

2003: Kerry - 1st (96.5) Edwards - 4th (94.5)
2002: Kerry - 9th (87.3) Edwards - 31st (63.0)
2001: Kerry - 11th (87.7) Edwards - 35th (68.2)
2000: Kerry - 20th (77) Edwards - 19th (80.8)
1999: Kerry - 16th (80.8) Edwards - 31st (72.2)

Average: Kerry - 12th (85.9) Edwards - 24th (75.7)

The rankings for 2003 are skewed by the campaign season, and a longer look shows that Kerry is liberal, but hardly a Paul Wellstone liberal, and Edwards is smack in the middle of the Democratic pack. So there.


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