Thursday, June 17, 2004

Abu Ghraib Prisoner torture.

ABC's Nightline, Channel 9, 10:35 pm tonight, 17th. June, 2004 will discuss the recently leaked documents from the Justice Department/The Department of Defense on how to circumvent the law with respect to the treatment of prisoners. Be sure to watch, if you can stay up that late!

Thanks to Joe Moody for the heads-up.

And this from June Wortman on the same subject:

Beginning tonight, Thursday, June 17 on the Nightline Program, on ABC,
whatever your local time (in AZ it is 10:35 pm a Channel 9)) Ted
Koppel will host a very important and controversial discussion of the
"Torture is OK" leaked presidential legalbriefs. This is a daring
discussion we all need to hear.

June Wortman


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