Friday, May 28, 2004

The Bush/Cheney gang accuse Kerry of ‘flip-flopping’ on the issues! Let’s have a look at the Bush/Cheney ‘double-speak’.

In the vice-presidential debate of October 5, 2000, Dick Cheney remarked that his successful business career (referring to Halliburton) had nothing to do with the government! The fact is that the government had everything to do with his success. When Cheney was CEO of Hallibuton, Halliburton doubled its earnings from government contracts from $1.2 billion in the five years prior to $2.3 billion durning Cheney’s five year tenure. In the last two years alone, Halliburton won $1.5 billion in federal loans and insurance subsidies compared to $100 million Halliburton received before Cheney joined them.

More ‘double-speak’ to come in the days ahead.


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